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[sticky post] Hello everyone :)

I guess I need to do my intro post and give you a brief overview on what I'm gonna put on my LJ. I'm bafabifi (Fifi) and originally from Indonesia, though I'm currently living in Australia. I used to love Jpop, then I kinda switch to the kpop band wagon, then I found them a bit boring lately, and switched back to Jpop again XD But I still enjoy both Jpop and Kpop, though I find that as I get older, real life gets much more busier and in a blink of an eye, a year just passed.

My LJ will consist of all random stuff, from fangirling, random rants and rarely download links to songs. I don't do sub - I've been wanting to do it for a long time, I just couldn't find the time and willingness to actually do it. So kudos to all the subbers out there, it takes a lot of dedication to do what you are doing to keep the fandom alive ~_^ Its also highly unlikely that I will share any videos (like MVs, Making Ofs etc) because I'm just too lazy to upload those big files. So you will only find music downloads on my page, and some links to korean/japanese dramas that I find interesting to watch. My post will be totally random, like even though Arashi is my bias, there is no guarantee that I will post their albums all the time. I just post whatever and whenever I feel like it, kekekeke ....

All download page will be tagged using *download, and generally open for public for a few days, after that I locked it for friend only. But feel free to add me as friends if the files you are looking for is locked. If you still can't access the files, let me know :)

TOP Bias:
Kinki Kids

Favourite Johnny's groups:
Tackey & Tsubasa
Hey! Say! JUMP

In general I love Jpop and I listen to random Jpop songs from time to time, but I don't really follow a specific singer/band too closely, apart from Johnny's - so while I love their songs, they are not really my favourite, as in apart from their music I really don't care about anything else. But they do make awesome music, like Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, ON/OFF (disbanded), EXILE, One OK Rock, Perfume, Silent Siren ... and many many more.

Favourite Kpop groups:
Super Junior

OK, to be honest, I like quite a lot of Kpop groups, like Big Bang, 2NE1, Infinite, KARA, T-ARA, BEAST, 2PM, EXO but the thing is I don't find myself too attached with them for a long period of time. Its more like a trend thingy. SNSD and Suju are the only two groups I still closely follow up to this days.

Favourite Cpop:
Jay Chou
JJ Lin

January Skincare Routine

I decided to keep a journal for my skincare, just to keep track on what works for me. I highlighted the ones that I don't use all the time, but only using it when my skin needs it - whether its a pimple that pops up or my skin feeling really dry. In general, I don't skip the basic of cleanse - tone - moisturise, add throw in some serum/spot treatment into the routines every now and then. I don't use a lot of makeup in general, I just put bb cream or cushion after my sun screen.

AM Routines

  • Cleanser - this is the one I got from my dermatologist. Its a very light cleanser, doesn't strip off the oil in your skin.

  • HERA Aquabolic Moisturising Water (if I feel my skin is dry)

  • Innisfree Eco-Science Eye Cream

  • HERA Aquabolic Moisturising Emulsion

  • COSRX Centella Blemish Cream - spot treatment

  • Dr. G Sunscreen or

  • Shiseido Sunscreen

  • Burt's Bee Lip Balm

PM Routines

  • Banila and Co Clean It Zero

  • SHISEIDO Ibuki Gentle Cleanser

  • COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-SOL - spot treatment only

  • COSRX BHA Blachead Power Liquid - I only use this 2-3x a week on my t-zone (large pores area)

  • SHISEIDO Ibuki Softening Concentrate

  • LANCOME Advanced Genifique Youth Concentrate

  • LANCOME Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

  • SHISEIDO Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate (if my eye area feels dehydrated)

  • SHISEIDO Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream

  • HAKU Melanofocus 3D

  • SHISEIDO Luminizing Surge

  • Burt's Bee Lip Balm

  • COSRX Centella Blemish Cream - spot treatment

Extras (I use one of this whenever I feel like it, ie. need some relaxation time, not lazy, skin feeling dry)

  • Sheet Masks

  • COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask

  • LANCOME Energie de Vie Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask

I found that applying sheet masks can be tidious and the result, as we all know, is temporary rather than long term. But from time to time, I feel the need to relax, and putting a sheet mask on my face really help that and actually enforced me to stay still for 15-20 minutes. Sleeping masks are the other products I'm not really fond of, but I happened to have those and planning on using them up, so whenever I'm not lazy or need some extra moisture booster or don't mind the stickiness, I slap on some sleeping mask 20 minutes before I go to bed. To be honest, both sleeping masks haven't give the results the claim to give. I don't see that radiance/glow when I wake up after using the Lancome mask. The cosrx mask is a bit too oily for my taste, but I heard from some bloggers that you need to continuously use it every night to be able to see result - something I'm not planning on doing.

I started adding actives into my routines recently because my pores and SFs have became more and more noticeable. I tried the BHA once a week but didn't really see anything, so I now use it 2-3x a week depending on my skin condition. I found that it does make my t-zone area smoother, however I get a slight tingling sensation when I put them on, which is why I haven't try to put it on the entire face.

The COSRX A-sol is really good as a spot treatment. It really dries my pimple, though don't expect miracle and for it to disappear overnight - everthing takes time. I wait about 10 minutes after applying the a-sol on trouble area before applying the rest of my routines, and to top it off, I apply the centella blemish cream on troubled area at the end.



I recently jumped into the cushion bandwagon - really late I know, because previously I didn't like this cushion at all. I feel like its very expensive given the quantity and you are essentially buying for the convenience of not having to get your hand messy. But, you know, never say never because in the end I caved in and I'm loving it ... so far at least. The first cushion that I got was the Missha Signature Essence (next post), but I think I might love the Laneige one a tiny bit more compare to the Missha one :)


This is mainly for my own note - these past few months I've been trying a lot of Korean beauty products, some I love, some not so much, some went straight to the bin (or I gave it away for someone more suited to the product). So I think it would be good to keep track of what I like and hate for future reference. This is not limited to Korean or AB products, but all skincare products in general. And before you freak out, of course I don't wear all of them all at once, depending on what I like to wear that day, I use that product :)

In general, my skin is pretty good, its a bit dry since the weather in Australia is a little cold even though we already hit summer. I used to have oily skin but I think its because I don't wear heavy moisturiser/cream plus the weather, my face gets a little dry nowadays. I get 2-3 zits popping up during that time of the month, and sometimes 1 randomly appear out of nowhere (I'm guessing its due to stress/what I eat, but I never really keep track of that). My skin is quite strong, in a sense, a product rarely breaks me out. Having said that, there are products that cause irritation/allergic reaction to my skin.

PRODUCTSCollapse )

RANDOM: Marriage and Babies

So it has been confirmed that Nagano Hiroshi of V6 is getting married, though nothing about the date or who the wife would be. I don't follow V6 very closely, so I have no idea who is the girlfriend, but seeing how he announced it prior to the wedding and his willingness to talk about it, she might be a celebrity as well? An actress? Congratulations Nagano :)

Edit: according to bec2224, he is already married to actress Miho Shiraishi.

On other news, Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa have announced that they are expecting their second baby. Meisa tweeted the news, which is retweeted by Jin and Jin also confirmed the news. I'm happy for both of them, and despite the negative rumour about their marriage, it is still going strong.

On another news (non J-pop and negative news) - this is just my rant:
SNL Korea staff was caught sexually harassing idols backstage. This is gross!!!! And they even tried to deny it before saying they didn't touch them, but of course a video recording of those sick people came out and they can't do anything else but apologise. The thing is, they've done it to many boy groups, not just the one they apologised to, and all CAUGHT ON CAMERA! I feel like they only apologise because they were asked to instead of realising that what they did is so wrong and disgusting, I mean seriously, why would you grab someone's cr*tch or breast and its obvious that they looked very uncomfortable when that happened but couldn't do anything other that awkwardly laughing it off.

The sad part is that they are all veteran idols, they have a strong career and fan base already and to think that those people can get away with assaulting them is very worrying. Imagine what happened to those smaller idols or those from smaller companies whose voice won't be heard or will be branded a liar or will risk their career for even speaking up. And some people even said that its ok and part of the ritual (really? sexual harassment is part of ritual?) and its funny.

I'm disgusted with the news, but not saying shocked. I know this is a dark and sad part of the entertainment industry. I won't say this is the first time that sexual harassment happened to idosl, I've read news about how those trainess were sexually assaulted but their seniors, bosses, trainers but were too afraid to say anything (because then their career will be over before it even started). I hope more people will speak out about this issue :( The amount of the abuser sympathiser is shocking though. Some said that they didn't rape the idols and it was just for fun and entertainment, or if the idols are not comfortable by it they should say something instead of laughing it off. Like seriously, victim blaming now????
I heard so many great thing about this essence, and the most popular it being the dupe for SKII miracle water. I tried the sample of the skii essence and although I like it, I don't think I am willing to spend that much. Anyway, I purchased the Missha Time Revolution set, which include the FTE Intensive - this is the second version, previously called FTE and now FTE Intensive Moist - and the Ampoule (that super long name ampoule) which is famous for being the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair dupe. I've been using EL Night Repair and I love it. It makes my skin smooth, plump and glowing. I am yet to try the Missha ampoule since I'm trying out the FTE first.

I tend to add or change one product at a time to my routine and I'm glad I do so. This FTE destroyed my skin and I'm not exaggerating, it really did. My skin is usually pretty good, but this FTE lead to redness, itchiness and dry patch all over my forehead, jaw and neck. I tried in on at night and my skin felt itchy, but I thought it might be just my skin behaving randomly. After two days, redness start to show around my forehead, neck and jaw. And there are also dry patches here and there. My skin has reacted to other product before but never been this bad. I was told that I might be allergic to fermented product or niacinamide, I don't know.

I'm still trying to treat the itchiness and redness for now, but using my original skincare line doesn't seem to help. Will update you on how it goes :( but very sad that this thing has such negative effect on my skin. I guess I will be staying away from Missha and FTE products for a while now.

The bad news is I still have a bottle full of Missha FTE, and the 50ml bottle. I might either use it on my body and see if it makes my skin smoother or sell it I don't know.
I usually don't do skincare/makeup review since 1. I am not an expert and 2. Most of the time, I read other beauty bloggers review before getting the actual products. But this time, I found that the review for the Haku line is very limited, and seems like not many people know about this product. Quite understandable, given that this product is only for sale in Japan (at least that's what the sales person told me), and a blogger said that although they have it in Taiwan, she is not entirely sure if it is actually made in Japan. So, as far as I am concern, this product is only available in Japan. Description about the product from COSME.

During my last Japan trip, I bravely purchased the Haku Melanofocus 3D - without doing any research on it. I mean I use Shiseido products for my daily routine (Ibuki and White Lucent), so I thought nothing could go wrong with trying a different line right? To my shock, after checking COSDNA (the product is for discontinued Melanofocus CR not the improved Melanofocus 3D), the product contains Myristyl Myristate, which rate 5 for acne. I was contemplating whether I should use this or ditched it, but in the end I did give it a try. I use this product after my cleanser and softener, followed by my moisturiser. I've been using it day and night (1 pump during the day and 2 pump during the night) for my entire face. Some use it just for their dark spot or acne scar, but I thought I should just give it a go for the whole face. 1 pump is about enough to cover the entire face very lightly. I know Shiseido products are very slow when it comes to seeing result, and by slow I mean months before you can see significant changes to your face. But I'm quite surprise that I can see my skin becoming very bright after using it for 2 days. I've been using it for a week, and thankfully my face hasn't give any negative reaction to it yet. In fact my cystic acne that I got from using Lancome Energie de Vie sleeping mask (thanks Lancome!) became smaller and I notice that the redness around my cheek is reduced and my face has become evenly toned. I personally think this product fares better than the White Lucent range - although texture wise I prefer White Lucent. Despite the acne and irritant agent, I think this product still fare really great :)

The packaging is quite nice, although I feel like its lacking the luxury touch that the White Lucent line has. But bare in mind that this is the drug store brand (although not that cheap), so it is understandable that they made the packaging very simple. You can also purchase the refill for 300yen cheaper and since I don't like wasting thing, I purchased the refill instead of another bottle.

It has a milky lotion kind of consistency. At first I wasn't sure if this is indeed a serum due to its texture. The serum I've been using so far has a gel like consistency. But this is marketed as serum/milk moisturiser, which kinda explain the texture. Though it is easily absorbed into the skin, it does leave a bit of stickiness on my face. A lot of my other serum actually does this too, so its not a big deal for me. I do wear another moisturiser on top since this doesn't feel very moisturising enough.
Product: HAKU Melanofocus 3D 45g
Price: 10,000 yen (around AUD125) - refill is avaible for 9,700yen. This exclude tax (since I was a tourist, I got tax free)
Texture: It a little bit thicker than my other serum (namely White Lucent Total Brightening Serum - DISCONTINUED) and it takes a while before it is completely absorbed by the skin. Whilst the White Lucent serum is very soft, the Melanofocus is a tiny bit greasy after application, which I'm OK with and actually not too bothered by it to be honest. My skin is a little dry at the moment, so I've been incorporating it both to my morning and night routines, but during summer I think I'm just gonna use it at night.
Buy Again? Yes, if I go to Japan. I just don't think its worth the effort to purchase it online (with jacked up price) and wait a month for the product to arrive. The white lucent MicroTargeting Sport Correcting is retail for AUD145, and whilst I think the Melanofocus is way better in terms of result, I think I am pretty happy to use the white lucent serum when I run out of this product. But if you are in Japan, do give this product a try. They do have a 7 days sample set, selling for 1,500yen - which include the Active Melanoreleaser (toner/softerner) and Inner Melanodefenser (moisturiser). I purchased the set and got a couple of sample which I haven't try yet, so I think its a good starting point if you want to try this line.

Update (27/10/2016): After wearing it for about a month now, I actually really love this serum. It doesn't have the anti aging property since it is focussing on brightening/whitening, but I feel like my skin has improved a lot after wearing this. My face looks a lot brighter, although not glowing but I can see the difference in its radiance and texture. Sometimes I add my anti aging serum (I use Lancome genefique) before putting this on, and they seem to work well together. I was a bit worried with the acne triggered in the ingredients, but maybe it doesn't react on my face :)

Jintaka to disband

You know Jintaka, the newly formed duo consisting of Akanishi and Yamada. They released a single choo choo shitain recently and well apparently after just 1 song, they've decided to disband. I'm not very surprised with this news since the group sounds like a joke to begin with - though their single I must admit is pretty catchy and although its not to my liking, I quite enjoy it.

Akanishi said that the two of them have disagreement about the future, so they cannot do anything else but to disband. Yamada added that he wanted their next song to be a ballad song but Akanishi disagree. Oh well, at least they tried and released a song to start (and end) with. But I thought they at least gonna release a mini-album before deciding to disband. I mean instead of forming a group in the first place can't they just collaborate. Oh well, this gives me more respect to those groups that lasted for decades without losing a member - it must be tough but they overcome those hardship.

Kinki Kids "N" album Download


Pretty sure most KK fans are very excited about this album, so without further ado, I'm sharing it now :) The theme for this album is naked & natural. I love how Kinki Kids only use alphabet for all their albums (with the exception of phi and their compilations album), its so easy to remember - unlike those with very long long name.

This is the Regular Edition - songs only (including 2 bonus tracks for this edition), NO booklet scans. Album details from Johnny's website and to purchase them from CD Japan. Do support them by buying the album if you can, in the mean time, let's enjoy the beauty this duo has to offer :)

Title: N
Release Date: 21 September 2016
Track List:-
naked mind / KinKi Kids
鍵のない箱 / KinKi Kids
モノクローム ドリーム / KinKi Kids
星見ル振リ / KinKi Kids
薔薇と太陽 / KinKi Kids
鉄塔の下で / KinKi Kids
HOTARU / KinKi Kids
ホタル / KinKi Kids
KAGIROI / KinKi Kids
陽炎 ~Kagiroi / KinKi Kids
Plugin Love / KinKi Kids
夜を止めてくれ / KinKi Kids
Summer ~僕らのシルエット~ / KinKi Kids
雨音のボレロ / KinKi Kids
夢を見れば傷つくこともある / KinKi Kids
なんねんたっても / KinKi Kids

You can download the album HERE

Btw, seems like 2016 is really an amazing year for Kinki Kids. Their new single is scheduled to be released on 2nd November 2016. After their full album this month, looks like they are working really really hard this year :) KK fighting! You can check out detail on their upcoming single from CD JAPAN.

Enjoy and let me know which songs you like. I haven't really analyse the whole album. But in general, I love their previous single, which is included in this album - so I think its a great album :)